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Supply Rechargeable Digital Picture Frame

D70-K and D80-K are our rechargeable digital picture frame.

Nowadays, most battery operated digital photo frame tends to employ rechargeable batteries. As long as a digital picture frame could be considered portable, it is usually capable of operation on batteries, especially rechargeable batteries. It could allow people to view pictures or have other operations in environments where mains power is inaccessible or unavailable. Moreover, a rechargeable digital picture frame gets away from the trailing wires, which makes it cordless and more delicate. In general, we are likely to lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeable battery, a highly reactive metal that is capable of storing a great lot energy.

Unlike primary batteries, rechargeable battery option could enable the digital picture frame to be plugged into the mains power periodically to recharge its battery. Hence, without the pollution from primary batteries, it is more friend to the environment.

V4 Electronic is capable of producing a large amount of battery operated digital frame, ranging from small sizes like 1.5 inches to large sizes as 15 inches. If you would like to buy rechargeable digital picture frames or have any questions about them, you are welcome to contact us!



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  1. gil koren on June 20th, 2011 3:12 pm

    My name is *** in Israel. I’m interested in digital 8 inches, huge amount for a business establishment. Frame digital have to work with rechargeable batteries for a period of at least 4 hours. And to support all the options of downloading files to it specially from digital cameras. Important file transfer rate will be fast possible. and of course high resolution.
    Please contact me immediately. If you could send me an example that will help.
    Thank you!


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