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Do you want a digital photo frame with a lithium battery?

Do you have some embarrassing experiences as below?

  1. In the family party, the grandpa and grandma is happy, when you hold the digital photo frame ,talk the fun about your childhood, however, restriction of the power cord, ultimately affect your passion play.
  2. In the old friend party, you invite the friends to watch the shared memories, it is also because the power line constraints, the friends don’t have enough fun.
  3. When you take the digital photo frame, talk the romantic with your lover, and then careless driving of the power cord, at the same time, the screen becomes dark.

Just think, if this is a digital photo frame with a lithium battery, you will have the embarrassment?

The digital photo frame with a lithium battery, not only adds a lithium battery, but also add a warm affection, sincere friendship, and sweet love.

So now, do you want a digital photo frame with a lithium battery?

D80-K ( with a lithium battery ) has the following advantages:

  1. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, can be work 3-4 hours
  2. Samsung sophisticated software used, powerful and stable
  3. Has a variety of picture viewing modes and effects
  4. With superior video decoding capabilities (to support 480P HD movies)
  5. Calendar, e-book function
  6. High definition, brightness LCD display (800 * 600)



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