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Digital Photo Frame Buyer’s Guide (iDF revised)

Techlicious post a Digital Photo Frme buyer’s Guide. We share it with you, and add our commemnts and advice in it. Here we go!

Cameras and photo-storage went digital some years ago, so it only makes sense that displaying them would too. Gone are the cheap-looking plastic frames. Today’s digital photo frames look like any regular frame you’d buy at a photo shop, but offer the capability to display thousands of your photos, and even videos.

And, digital photo frames with built-in wireless Internet access have their own email address, which makes it easy to update grandma’s frame with photos from the latest trip to the playground or to send photos to the kids at home while you’re traveling.

So if you’re looking to pick up a new digital photo frame, check out the Important Features and Our Recommendations before you buy.

Important Features

Frame Size

The first thing to consider when shopping for a frame is size. They’re available in everything from key-chain sized 1.5 inchers to massive 22 inch displays appropriate for mounting on a wall. A 7 or 8 inch frame is generally a good choice. It’s large enough to see photos clearly from a short distance, but small enough to put on a table or a desk without consuming too much space.

iDigitalFrame suggetion: 7 and 8 inch digital photo frame is fit for desktop. If you need a frame in kitchen or dinning room, 10 inch digital photo frame is better.


After settling on a size you’ll need to consider resolution. The larger the display, the higher resolution you’ll want. For a 7 to 8 inch model, settle for no less than 640 x 480, though 800 x 600 or 800 x 480 (the widescreen equivalent) is preferable.

iDigitalFrame suggetion: 800 x 480 is a resolution for 7 inch, 800*600 & 640*480 are two kinds of resolution for 8 inch.

Shape: Widescreen or Regular

Some frames are widescreen, like an HDTV. However most people don’t take pictures in this format, even if their cameras are capable of widescreen shots. The result is either black bars on the sides of your photos or images that are cut off the top and bottom. Of course some of this will naturally occur, as you display vertical images in a horizontal frame or vice versa.

Method for Loading Pictures

You can buy frames with photos preloaded from services, like Snapfish, save pictures onto a memory card and insert it into the frame, hook the frame up to a computer and copy pictures onto the frame or send them to the frame wirelessly, via a built-in celluar modem or Wi-Fi connection. Once a wireless frame is set up, it can receive photos or pull them directly from a photo-sharing site or computer.

iDigitalFrame Suggestion: WIFI digital photo frame is good gifts for grandma and grandpa.



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