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Big Digital Photo Frame vs TV

As technology is developing, digital photo frame is more and more advanced. Some people prefer to use big frames (usually are referred to frames larger than 12 inch and including 12 inch) as ‘advertising machines’, sometimes, as computer displayers. Then, can big digital photo frame be used as televisions? Or can televisions replace the big digital photo frames? Well, television and digital photo frames are two different kind of digital products.

Basically speaking, at present, some TVs do have the functions of digital photo frames. TVs from Samsung, SONY, PHILIPS and other companies have already been equipped with USB ports. While, people need to plug a flash driver into the port to play photos, music or videos inside. Digital photo frames that have internal memories can store files directly in their built-in memories and play. TVs, on the other hand, have various kinds of interfaces, which you will not find in the digital photo frames currently, including HDMI, DVI, VAG, S-video and so on.

Plus, electronic picture frame that has AV-IN function are very few. This function enables people to transfer videos into the frames and play via two s-video ports. However, there is less demand for digital photo frames with AV-IN function.

Can Digital Picture Frames Show Scanned Images?

Digital picture frames offer people an alternative way to enjoy and preserve their favorite photo collections. Then, can the digital picture frame show scanned images? Of course yes!

The supported picture format of almost all the digital picture frames is JPEG. D102-W, an 10 inch frame available on can also support showing pictures of BMP and GIF formats. It adopts chip from Samsung solution, which enables high screen resolution.

D102-W has a 10.1 digital photo frame with TFT LCD screen at 1024*600 pixel, which is higher than the screen resolution of 10.2 inch frames. Other frames that adopt Samsung chip are D70-K, D80-K, D102-K and so on. Both of them have relatively high screen resolution so that they can show the pictures quite clearly.

There are also some electronic frame that uses chip from new Actions solution, which support flash files (SWF) playback. They only support showing pictures of JPEG. While, they have really high screen resolution. For example, D121-V, a 12.1 inch frame, has screen resolution of 800*600 pixel and D150-V, a 15 inch frame, has 1024*768 pixel resolution. Theocratically, digital frames that uses either Samsung chip or Actions chip on, can support showing images of any large pixel resolution.

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Biggest Size of Digital Frames

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Digital frame currently in the market have different screen sizes, ranging from 1.1 inch to 22 digital frame. Frames larger than 12 inch (including 12 inch) are usually referred to as big frames. You can find big frames from 12 inch to 19 inch on, an online store. Since these big frames are too large to be put on the tables, most of them have hooks on the back for wall mounting, both horizontally and vertically. D121-A and D121-V are two 12 inch frames.

D121-V uses chip from new Actions resolution so that it supports playing flash files (SWF). D133-B is a 13.3 inch frame which uses the same LCD as 13.3 inch laptop, the resolution is 1280*800 pixel. D141-A is a 14.1 inch frame that have 1024*768 pixel high resolution and standard 4:3 aspect ratio.

Plus, this 14.1 digital frame is very competitive in price, which only cost you 107.10 USD. D150-A and D150-V are two 15 inch frames that have 15 inch TFT LCD screens at 1024*768 pixel resolution. D170-A is a 17 inch frame that has a 17 inch high definition LCD screen at 1280*1024 pixel. D190-A is the largest frame currently in this store. It has the same screen definition as D170-A. These big frames can be used as ‘advertising machines’, or even computer displayers.

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8 Inch Digital Picture Frames

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8 inch digital picture frame has standard screen aspect ratio of 4:3, which is the same as most digital photos taken by cameras. Unlike 7 inch frames, which have widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 and may end up cropping the photos in a random location or leaving a black line on either side of the picture, 8 inch digital picture frames can show the digital pictures to the perfect, without any black lines.

8 inch digital picture frames available on are various, such as D80-H, D80-K, D80-KL, D80-KM and D80-W. All these 8 inch frames have 8 inch display screens at 800*600 pixel resolution. D80-H is an 8 inch cordless digital frame with touch buttons. The remote control and wire are hidden on the back. It adopts Amlogic solution and the WIFI function allows wireless 802.11b/g. The built-in memory is available for 512M. D80-K, D80-KL and D80-KM are three frames adopt Samsung solution. These three frames are hd digital picture frame, all of them can play HD videos up to 800*480 pixel resolution due to the Samsung chip. Most frames can not do that in the market currently. D80-KL has built-in lithium battery and D80-KM has mirror front face. D80-W has a silver bracket, wall mounting hook and thief-lock.

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19 Inch Digital Picture Frame

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We’d like to introduce you one 19 digital frame that is offered by It is a black 19 inch digital picture frames with hooks on its back ready for wall-mounting. Its market prcie is 336.00 USD, while it only cost 244.80 USD on People prefer hanging the large frame on the wall to placing on the table. This 19 inch frame can be wall mountable with the hooks. It can stand both horizontally and vertically due to the built-in gravity sensor, which can enable the frame to rotate images automatically. We also provide 7 to 15 inch digital frame with motion sensor.

The 19 inch LCD screen has really high definition, which is 1280*1024 pixel. It can be the clearest digital picture frame in the market currently. Multiple languages are supported, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. It can play pictures, audios and videos. Clock and calendar function is available while it can not play ebooks. It does not have any internal memory. The card slot supports SD, MMC and MS cards. USB ports include standard USB 2.0 and Mini USB port.

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Buy Digital Picture Frames

Are you going to buy a digital frame and hesitate about where to buy? Then, I am sure that we is you best choice. We try hard to be a better digital picture frame supplier. There are many different electronic picture frame available on our website, ranging from 7 inch up to 19 inch, black or white, with or without built-in battery, gravity sensor, motion sensor and so on, multiple functions. All of them are relatively cheaper than other frames on the market. Also, to defend your right, we promise as below.

60 days return, which means you can return your digital frame within 60 days after receiving it. While, the normal standard on the digital frame market is only 30 days.

Secure payment. We support payment via PayPal, which can protect your privacy. We do not collect and store your credit card information.

Fast Processing & Delivery. Most of our digital picture frames are in stock and the products will be shipped within 3 days. It only take 2-5 days for you to receive your frame no matter which country you are in, if shipped by DHL/UPS/TNT/Fedex.

Please visit our website to get further understanding of us and our digital picture frames.

Digi Photo Frame

Filed Under Company News is a professional digit photo frame supplier in China with many high quality digi photo frames in different sizes online.

The digital picture frame we offer are ranging from 7 inch up to 19 inch. Plus, we also offer several kinds of digi ads frames and the largest frame can be 46 inch. Here, we would like to recommend you our new product, 185017B. It is a 18 inch digi photo frame that has been issued on Feb, 2012. The new frame has a 18.5 inch LCD screen with LED backlit.

It is a new screen size of our products. Its display resolution is also thrilling high, which is up to 1366*768 pixel. Its brightness is 250cm/m2 and its contrast is 1000:1. Besides the new high resolution screen, this frame also have 2 different types of hooks for wall mounting and POS separately. Another innovation of this 18 inch frame is that its SD card slot can be locked. Like our many other frames, its card slot supports SD, MMC and MS cards. Moreover, its bracket is quite different with other frames, which is arched. The special design of bracket makes the electronic frame more beautiful and more like an artwork other than only a photo frame.

If you are interested in this new 18 digital photo frame, then, why not visit our website for more details?

Black Digital Picture Frame

Black and white are two the most common colors for digital photo frame. All the digital photo frames available on are made either in black or white. While, black digital frame is more common than white frames. Almost all the types of our digital picture frames are made in black, while only part of them are also available in white.

For example, large digital picture frames available on are only available in black. 17 inch, 18 inch and 19 inch frames are all black currently. 170017B is a black 17 inch digital picture frame that can be wall mounted. With built-in gravity sensor, it can stand either horizontally or vertically. Its 17 inch TFT LCD screen is in standard 4:3 aspect ratio and has pretty high display resolution of 1280*1024 pixel. This black frame can also be custom made to a white one. While, only its front face can be made in white, the back side of the frame is still in black.

If you prefer black digital picture frames, why not visit our website for more black frames?

Digital Photo Frame with Video

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Most digital photo frames nowadays can play music and videos as well as showing pictures. With high resolution screens and built-in speakers, a digital photo frame is kind like a television, although the supported video formats of a digital frame are less than a television and the frames currently in the market do not have caption function.

We,, offer various kinds of digital photo frames with video, ranging from 7 inch up to 19 inch. All of them support at least one format of video files. Digital photo frame AVI format is the most common video format and all of our digital photo frames with video can support AVI files, so that people can play videos directly on the frame without transforming. It is quite convenient. Many frames can supported other formats besides AVI. For example, our newest 18 inch digital photo frame, 185017B, can support playing AVI, MPG, MPEG-1 and MPEG-4 formats of video files. Some frames that use chip from new Actions solution can also support flash files (SWF) playback.

Visit our website for more information.

17 Inch Digital Photo Frame Update eMail offers a 17 inch digital frame. Does it have update email function? Well, the answer is negative.

Although it can not update email, this 17 inch frame is sure to impress you. It has a 17 inch TFT LCD screen, the aspect ratio of which is 4:3 and the screen resolution is 1280*1024 pixel, which is probably the highest among the frames currently in the market. The brightness is 300 cm/m2 and the contrast is 350:1. The digital frame can not only show pictures, but support music and video playback. It has hooks on the back so that the frame can be mounted on the wall, since it is too large to place on the table. It can stand both horizontally and vertically. Its card slot supports SD, MMC and MS cards. USB 2.0 port and mini USB port are both available.

People prefer to use the large lcd picture frame as a advertisement machine or a LCD displayer. This 17 inch frame available on has quite competitive price, which is 189.70 USD.

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