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How Do I Upload Photos to Digital Frames?

Gernerally, there are 2 kinds of digital frames, internal memory and non-internal memory.

For Digital Frame with Internal memory

For digital frames with internal memory, you don’t need to purchase any accessories to upload photos. Just need a mini USB wire, connect it with yoru PC, and copy photos as a flash drive.

For Digital Frame without Internal Memory

There are 2 options for you.

  • Purchase SD card and card reader to match your digital frame.
  • Purchase a flash drive.

If you import China digital frames from V4 Electronic, we also supply SD card and card reader for you.

Skilled Digital Picture Frame Manufacturing in China

digital picture frame manufacturing

Digital photo frame made in China provide an alternative way to display collections of photographs in a more stunning style. China is the largest digital photo frame factory of the world that involves a great amount of digital picture frame manufacturers. V4 Electronic is a leading digital picture frame manufacturing company in China with a factory in Shenzhen. The 4 layer factory building is about 5000m2. Read more

portable pocket digital photo frame

pocket digital photo frame

In terms of physical screen sizes, we could classify digital photo frames into four major groups, small, medium, large and extra large digital photo frames. Generally, digital photo frames with screens smaller than 3.5 inch belong to small digital photo frames. Because these small digital photo frames are mostly portable and able to be put in people’s pockets, they are also regarded as ‘ pocket digital photo frames’. 1.1 inches and 1.5 inches could be made into keychains, due to their tiny screens, therefore, digital picture frame factory developed a new style,people also consider them as ‘ keychain digital photo frames ‘. There are 2.4 inch digital photo frames that are made into tumblers. Read more

Introduction:lithium digital photo frame

 lithium digital photo frame

Nowadays, battery operated digital photo frames are enjoying a great popularity, due to their portable and cordless features. Usually, a battery operated digital photo frame could enable people to view their images and have other operations no matter where they are, even in a place where mains power is unavailable or inaccessible. In the past, digital photo frame manufacturers usually use AAA batteries for disposable batteries and nickel, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) as rechargeable batteries. Read more