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Well Design Slim Digital Picture Frame

D70-J is one of our slim digital picture frame.

Digital picture frames are a sleek and complimentary digital product for your collection of pictures storing and viewing. As a contemporary decoration, they are generally beautifully designed and come in various colors. The trend at the moment is towards a slim digital picture frame. Slim digital picture frame is usually lighter and more delicately made. Since people are fond of portable digital picture frames, slim frames are more easy to carry around. Read more

Gray Digital Picture Frame from China Manufacturer

8 inch gray digital picture frame with gravity sensor.

Digital picture frame is usually beautifully designed and come with several colors of people’s choice, as they are quite like a delicate decoration to beautify our house and even our life. As a digital product, black and white colors are the basic color for nearly all of the digital picture frames. Sometimes, people would get bored with these two colors and want to look for something different. Gray color could be considered as the combination of black and white and are quite welcomed by a lot people.

V4 Electronic, as a verified digital frame factory in China, has offered a variety of digital picture frames with several colors, like: black digital picture frame and white digital picture frame. Although our products seldom have a gray digital picture frame at the moment, we could produce them if our clients want.

In fact, we could produce digital picture frames with any color you like, not only with gray color. Since our workshop is equipped with a separate screen printing production line that provides custom-made services. It allows us to produce personalized digital picture frames for our clients. However, it is important to notice that all the personalized digital photo frames should have their minimum quantity.

Welcome to contact us for more details.

Portable Digital Picture Frame

Portable digital picture frame is usually battery digital picture frame.

If you come across a friend in the street who ask about your recent new holiday and is eager to see your snaps. What would you do? Bring him home and take out your photo albums or boot up your computer? Well, you don’t need to do that. With a portable digital picture frame, you could immediately show off your snapshots to your friend wherever and whenever you meet him. Simply transfer your pictures from your digital camera or your computer throung a memory card like SD, MMC, MS and CF, or by plugging into the USB port of your computer, then you could carry your portable digital picture frame about, which has your new holiday pictures. Moreover, portable digital photo frames usually have rechargeable batteries. Read more

Wall Mounted Digital Photo Frame

Hook eys for wall mounted digital photo frame.

In terms of physical screen sizes, digital photo frame could be classified into several groups. Small digital photo frames could have 1.1 inch tiny screens and large digital photo frames could have 22 inch large screens.

Digital photo frames larger than 1.5 inch are more likely to be designed for placing on the tables. 7 inch digital picture frame (even lager) could also be hung on the wall, in addition to placing on the tables. These digital photo frames often have a ‘ hook eye ‘, so that they could be fixed on the wall. These digital photo frames are called wall mounted digital photo frames. Read more

Digital Picture Frame Monitor

D80-W can be used as a digital picture frame monitor.

Are you finding a digital picutre frame can be used as the second monitor of PC? Please take a look at our D80-W, it can be used as the second monitor, we call this technology “sub display“, and does NOT publish at our website, please contact V4 Electronic for more detials.

Digital picture frame monitor has several sizes, currently ranging from 1.1 inch to 22 inch. In terms of clear level of monitors, digital picture frames could be classified into two groups, that is to say, digital picture frame monitors have two kinds, analog monitors and digit monitors. It is always the truth that digit monitors show more details in the pictures than analog monitors. Reasons are as follows: Read more

Digital Photo Frame Memory Card

Digital photo frame memory card is usually SD card.

Digital photo frame memory card could enable us to transfer digital pictures or other digital contents directly from our digital cameras to your digital photo frame for viewing. Just need to simply take out the memory card from your digital camera and place it into the side of your digital photo frame to start enjoying your snapshots.

Digital photo frame memory cards are various, typically including CF(‘Compact Flash’), SD(‘Secure Digital ‘), MMC(‘MultiMedia Card’), MS(‘Memory Stick’) or ‘SmartMedia’. While you are choosing to buy a digital photo frame, it’s important to consider the memory cards that could be accepted by the digital photo frame. You must make sure that either the type of memory cards used in the digital photo frame is the same as that used in your digital camera, or at least, an adaptor is available. Read more

Digital Picture Frame Resolution

Different size, different digital picture frame resolution.
Screen resolution is one of the most important factors that we should take into account while purchasing a digital picture frame. There are various kinds of digital picture frames with screens of different resolutions on the markets. Generally, we have analog monitors and digit monitors with different digital picture frame resolution. Analog monitors usually have coarser screen resolutions than that of digit monitors. Digital picture frames with high screen resolutions could display digital photographs with nice clarity. Of course, digital picture frames with digit monitors charge more than those with digit monitors. Read more

How To Buy A Digital Photo Frame

How to buy a digital photo frame? Please read this article.

At present, there are various kinds of digital photo frames on the market. How to buy a digital photo frame? This is the question that most people would come across.

There are several factors we need to take into account when buying a digital photo frame.

1. Screen size is the first factor we should consider

Generally, medium digital photo frames with 7  inch, 8 inch and 10 digital picture frame are the most recommended frames. Read more

Offer Digital Photo Frame With Lithium Battery

8 inch digital photo frame with lithium battery.

Battery operated digital photo frames make it portable for people to carry them around, even to the place where mains power is unavailable or unaccessible. It could last a few hours for operation. The length of time is dependent on several factors and the type of battery is one important factor.

In the past, we usually used AAA batteries and as the technology is developing, lithium batteries are currently replacing them. Lithium is a highly reactive metal. When compared with AAA batteries, lithium batteries are lighter and capable of storing more energy. It’s more convenient for us to take digital photo frames with lithium battery along. Lithium batteries could be primary and rechargeable. Rechargeable lithium batteries are much more friend to the environment than those primary lithium batteries. Read more

Export Digital Photo Frame With Music

Lots of digital photo frame with music.

Digital photo frames that have multiple functions could not only display images, but play music and videos as well. A small digital photo frame with music that is portable and cordless could be used as MP3 and a large digital photo frame with music could be competitive with televisions. Digital photo frames with music could play audio files of various formats (MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG, etc) through built in speakers. Digital photo frames with music generally support more than one audio format. MP3 and WMA formats are the most common audio formats. Supporting multi-channel files features OGG (OGG Vorbis) format, a newly developed audio format.

V4 Electronic is a verified digital photo frame suppliers in China. We began to develop digital photo frames in 20068 With 3 years’ OEM experience, we feel confident that our digital photo frames with music are with the best cost performance. A variety of digital photo frames with music are available at your choice. We have some digital photo frames with music that have OGG player, such as D80-K, D80-KL and D102-K.

Find your best 7 inch digital photo frame, please contact us for more details!


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