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Offer Cordless Digital Picture Frame

D80-H is one of our cordless digital picture frame.

Cordless digital picture frames are usually battery operated, either with disposable batteries like AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries. Disposable batteries are not friend to the environment, and gradually replaced by rechargeable batteries.

With continuous developing technologies, rechargeable batteries change from nickel, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) to lithium ion and lithium polymer, which is much lighter but capable of storing up to 50% more energy for every single charge. Read more

Supply Rechargeable Digital Picture Frame

D70-K and D80-K are our rechargeable digital picture frame.

Nowadays, most battery operated digital photo frame tends to employ rechargeable batteries. As long as a digital picture frame could be considered portable, it is usually capable of operation on batteries, especially rechargeable batteries. It could allow people to view pictures or have other operations in environments where mains power is inaccessible or unavailable. Moreover, a rechargeable digital picture frame gets away from the trailing wires, which makes it cordless and more delicate. In general, we are likely to lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeable battery, a highly reactive metal that is capable of storing a great lot energy. Read more

What Is The Best Digital Picture Frame

The best digital picture frame usually is the most suitable.

Digital picture frames are getting more and more popular, due to their many advantages. We all acknowledge that digital pictures frames are much better than the boring traditional picture frames and the heavy photo albums. Then, what is the best digital picture frame? People would absolutely consider that a branded expensive digital picture frame is the best. Well, actually the best digital picture frame is usually the frame with the best cost performance. Read more

Supply 800×600 Digital Photo Frame

800x600 digital photo frame is an 8 inch digital photo frame.

A LCD screen uses pixels to creat an image. If we say that a digital photo frame has 800×600 pixel screen resolution, actually the screen has 800 horizontal lines and 600 vertical lines of pixels to effectively display an image. As we all know, the hagher screen resolution the better. With all other things being equal, Digital photo frames that have higher screen resolutions are usually more expensive. An analog panel generally could not have high screen resolution as 800×600 pixel. Read more

Q1 2011 Sales of Digital Frame Drive by Digital Camera

GFK Temax study published a report rencently. It grows 11% against Q1 2010, up to 307 million euro. This report divieds into 7 parts, including photo, IT, consumption electronics, mall household appliances, big household appliances and telecom.

Digital photo frame grow well because digital camera maketing increase. Digital cameras increase 28.6%%. Here is the whole report.

Offer Best Wireless Digital Photo Frame

We could transfer digital snapshots directly from our digital cameras using memory cards, or download them from computers by USB port. Now, we’ve also got best wireless digital photo frames, so that we could operated and updated, remotely, not only digital pictures, but useful digital informations as well. For example, some advanced wireless digital photo frames can browse webs, receive emails, just like a iPad! It’s due to these wireless digital photo frames which are based on Linux, Windows CE, Google Android. Wireless digital photo frames make a great gift for our parents. With a wireless digital photo frame, we could take a picture and send to the wireless digital photo frame so that our parents could see it immediately. Read more

What Is A Digital Photo Frame

With the rapid development of digital products, the occurrence of digital photo frames has made up for the inconvenience of traditional photo frames. Then, what is a digital photo frame?

A digital photo frame is the kind of photo frames, while instead of traditional photo view, it present pictures through a more contemporary LCD screen. By reading the datas from U disk, SD card, Nandflash and so on, a digital photo frame could display digital photos in a slideshow way. The digital photos are more crystal clear on the high resolution screen than those printed pictures on a traditional photo frames. Moreover, with a digital photo frames, people do not have to have their snapshots printed. As a result, a digital photo frame provide people a convenient and vibrant way to enjoy their memories.

We could classify digital photo frames into two groups based on the definition of their screens. An analog panel is of the similar resolution with traditional televisions and a digit panel is of the similar resolution with LCD screens of computers. According to the functions that digital photo frames have, they could be grouped into single function digital photo frames and multi-function digital photo frames and advanced digital photo frames. Also, they could be classified based on the screen sizes.

Wanna know more about China digital photo frames and our digital picture frame ODM service? please contact V4 Electronic.

Export High Quality Digital Photo Frame

We provide high quality digital photo frames from China, with high quality.

Where to buy a high quality digital photo frame? The answer is definitely V4 Electronic. It’s one of the verified digital photo frame manufacturers, supplier and wholesaler in China. The company has produced digital photo frames since 2006 and with more than 5 years’ effort, we have proudly produced a variety of high quality digital photo frames. Our company established with strict requirements which is a famous brand in USA and specialise in display products. With more than 3 years’ digital photo frame OEM experience, we have offered free digital picture frame samples for your review and evaluation. Read more

Offer Half Price Digital Photo Frame

We provide half price digital photo frame with good quality.

Wanna buy half price digital photo frames? Then, choose V4 Electronic, if you need to wholesale digital frame, we havewholesale service. As a professional digital picture frame manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler, we, V4 Electronic, have focused on developing finest half price digital photo frames for more than ten years.

It’s a good idea to build a long term cooperate with us if you want to find a digital frame wholesaler. With 3 years’ OEM experience, our company was established with strict requirements. We have half price digital photo frames. If you wanna know our service and products better, we provide digital photo frame samples for your review and evaluation. Read more

Supply Silver Digital Photo Frame

Silver digital photo frames are popular by some countries.

Digital photo frames provide a modern way for people to display their favourite digital photos, no matter it is photographs you took just now or pictures you downloaded form the Internet. Besides the fantastic functions, an elegant digital photo frame itself is a decoration. People like to put it on their tables or hang on the wall. The delicate frame design will significantly beautify your room. There are various kinds of digital photo frames on the digital markets to satisfy people’s different requirements. Digital photo frames could be made of wood, plastic, silver and so on. Silver digital photo frame is available in any size, for instance, 7 inch digital photo frame. Read more


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