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Source 3.5 inch Digital Photo Frame from China Factory

Source 3.5 inch digital photo frame from China factory.

Among various digital photo frames, 3.5 inch digital photo frames may not be as popular as 7 inch digital photo frames and 8 inch digital photo frames. The high price is one of the important reasons. People prefer to buy something worthwhile. When facing the fact that a 3.5 inch digital photo frame has the same price with a 7 digital photo frame with an analog panel, people would probably choose the latter. Furthermore, the screen resolution of 3.5 inch digital photo frames are relatively coarser (320*240 pixel) when compared to that of 7 inch digital photo frames (480*234 pixel resolution for analog panel; 800*480 pixel resolution for digital panel).

Since 7 digital picture frames or lager digital picture frames didn’t have mature technology of built-in lithium batteries before 2010. People sometimes are willing to buy a 3.5 inch digital photo frame, mostly because it has built-in lithium battery that could be rechargeable. Like other digital photo frames, 3.5 inch frames have both single function and multi functions for you to choose.

When you purchase digital photo frames, please choose the ones made by verified digital photo frame manufacturers. As a professional digital photo frame manufacturer and supplier, we, Shenzhen V4 Electronic, often recommend consumers to import or source 7 inch digital photo frames other than 3.5 inch ones, although we could provide you a 3.5 inch digital photo frame named My Life Pocket Digital Photo Frame. Any contacts are welcome!

12 Digital Photo Frame from China

12 digital photo frame from China.

Large digital photo frames often include 12 and 15 frames. 17 and 19 digital photo frames belong to extra large digital photo frames. The largest digital photo frames currently are in 22-inch. All of these digital photo frames could be simply grouped into large digital photo. Usually, large digital photo frames are used for business, so they could be also called ‘ advertisement displayers ‘. Here, 12 digital photo frames are sometimes placed in the dining rooms for family use, especially in western families. They are quite eye-catching due to the large crystal clear LCD screen. Read more

OLED Digital Photo Frame from China

Kodak is a leader in the OLED digital photo frame.

As we all know, people usually have quite strict requirements on the screens of digital photo frames. Many manufacturers are devoted to developing the screen technologies. OLED is the newly developed type among LCD screens and is currently applied in many portable instruments and handheld devices. OLED screens have many advantages over traditional LCD screens. OLED is short for Organic Light Emitting Display. It has higher screen resolutions and better visual angels and it is more power saving. The contrast ratio of OLED is easy to reach 3000:1, while for traditional LCD, it is hard to exceed 1500:1. We believe that as technology develops, OLED digital photo frames will be replacing TFT LCD digital photo frames someday. Read more

Wholesale Digital Picture Frame with Metal Border

A70-D is one digital picture frame with metal border.

Digital picture frames are gradually replacing traditional picture frames and photo albums at present. They are not only a creative product to offer you a clear and vivid photograph, but also a delicate decoration themselves to beautify your house and even enhance your life. Digital picture frames come with different styles and colors, modern or tradition, wooden, plastic or metal border, to meet different people’s different requirements. But the common point of all different digital picture frames is that they are all beautifully designed and stylish.

Here we’d like introduce you a kind of digital picture frames with metal border that is made by V4 Electronic. As a leading digital picture frame manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in China, V4 Electronic offers a variety of digital picture frames made of different materials. You can find more China digital picture frame, China digital photo frame and China digital frame here. Today we recommend A70-D, a 7 inch digital picture frame with brushed metal border. It is among our hot sale digital picture frames. Digital picture frames with metal border are usually simple designed and sleek and stylish, so is A70-D. It makes a great commercial present, especially for businessmen and bosses.

If you want to know more details about A70-D or other digital picture frames with metal border, feel free to contact us.

Digital Photo Frame Supplier

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V4 Electronic is a digital photo frame supplier from China, with several OEM customers.

Shenzhen V4 Electronic Company of Limited Liablily(V4 Electronic Co., Ltd.) is one digital photo frame supplier from China. Our factory locate in Baoan, Shenzhen, which is adjacent to Shenzhen Airport, Shekou, highways and national highways. So, the company has transport facilities.

Our factory area is about 5000 sqm, with 4 layers of production assembly jobshops independently, among which there is a layer of dust-free assembly jobshop. As a verified digital photo frame supplier, we ensure digital frames to be produced in a clean state, which contributes a lot in the production of mirror digital picture frame products. Read more

Digital Picture Frame Supplier from China

Dust free workshop from China digital picture frame supplier.

V4 Electronic is a digital picture frame supplier as well as manufacturer and wholesaler in China. Having focused on developing digital picture frames since 2006, we produce a variety of digital picture frames with high quality and provides them directly to the retailers.

As a professional digital picture frames supplier, we engaged ourself into developping products. In 2009, we began to produce 8 inch digital picture frames. One year later, our 200000 PCS 7 inch digital picture frames were exported to America and in the same year, we developed 3G digital picture frames and sent them to China Uniform for test. Read more

China 10.4 Digital Picture Frame

Resolution of 10.4 digital picture frame is 640*480 pixel.

10-inch digital picture frame include 10.2 and 10.4 digital picture frame.The resolution of 10.4 frames is 640*480 pixel, which is far too coarser when compared with that of 10.2-inch frames (800*480 pixel). 10.4-inch screens tend to be used instead of new ones. As a result, the quality and supply of 10.4 digital picture frames could not be guaranteed. Due to those reasons, we have not noticed many 10.4-inch frames on digital markets and 10.4 digital picture frames are usually not recommended. We talk about 10.4 digital picture frames, actually we refer to 10.2 inch digital picture frames. Read more

China Ultra Slim Digital Picture Frame

Our ultra slim digital picture frame from Shenzhen, China.

With big ambition toward high-quality living, you may feel a little clumsy about the ordinary digital picture frame. No matter how the sellers advocate its merits, you still feel hesitate to replace your delicate traditional frames with it. Fortunately, you have the reasons to buy one now, because ultra slim digital picture frame has come into being. You can enjoy the life decorated by the ultra slim technique. Read more

China Wall Mount Digital Picture Frame

Hooks on the back of wall mount digital picture frame

Now, digital picture frame can not only be put on the table, but also be hung on the wall. Wall mount digital picture frame saves more space for our room, and makes the digital picture frame have more decorating functions. You can position a wall mount digital picture frame to make your room with an artistic air. Moreover, the dynamic pictures also adds the flavor of modernity to the room. Now, your room is never with monotony. You can change the color, the theme of your room whenever you like with the wall mount digital picture frame’s help.

What’s more, some sellers even use wall mount digital picture frame as exhibition board, and have received good effect, not only having attracted consumers curiosity but also have saved a lot of cost on advertisement. It’s quite notable that wall mount digital picture frame has brought people great convenience. Read more

Digital Picture Frame with Remote from China

Our past digital picture frame with remote, D70-A.

With a digital picture frame, we could share our favorite snapshots and videos with our family and friends simply by touching a button. At present, many LCD digital picture frames are with handy remote controls. It is easy and convenient to enjoy images and videos and have other operations like adding or deleting photos with an intuitive interface and a remote control even across the room. The remote control function enables people to change the settings on a digital picture frame from a certain distance. For example, you could remote control your digital picture frame from comfort of the sofa, just like with a television remote control. Generally, a single function digital picture frame is not equipped with a remote control, since it does not need one for its simple operation. Digital picture frame with remote controls usually have multiple functions. Read more


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