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Veryfied Digital Picture Frame Supplier from China

Our digital picture frame with 2.1 speakers.

Our digital picture frame with 2.1 speakers.

Digital picture frame suppliers are the enterprises and its branches, individual businesses who provide digital picture frames and relative services directly to retailers.

A digital picture frame manufacturer could be a digital picture frame supplier as well. Shenzhen V4 Electronic Company of Limited Liablily(V4 Electronic Co., Ltd.) is one of the digital picture frame manufacturers and suppliers as well. The company develops various kinds of digital picture frames and provides them directly to the retailers. V4 Electronic Company started with developing 8 inch and 7 inch digital picture frames. It was in 2008 that the company was founded. Read more

Which Digital Photo Frame Is Best

Which digital photo frame is best? It's hard to answer.

Which digital photo frame is best? According to most of the digital photo frame manufacturers, digital photo frames could be divided into three kinds.

  1. Single function digital photo frames, which could only display pictures, such as jpeg images;
  2. Multi function digital photo frames, which could play part of the music and videos, beside pictures display;
  3. Digital photo frames with other advanced functions, which are added various practical and creative functions, for example, WIFI digital photo frame, a digital photo frame with printing function and a digital photo frame with scanning function, or a 3G digital photo frame.

Actually, the third kind of digital photo frames, namely advanced digital photo frames are on the basis of multi function digital photo frames, and a little more complicated than the multi function ones. Read more

Digital Photo Frame Suppliers from China

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V4 Electronic is a digital photo frame supplier from China, with several OEM customers.

Shenzhen V4 Electronic Company of Limited Liablily(V4 Electronic Co., Ltd.) is one digital photo frame suppliers from China. Our factory locate in Baoan, Shenzhen, which is adjacent to Shenzhen Airport, Shekou, highways and national highways. So, the company has transport facilities.

Our factory area is about 5000 sqm, with 4 layers of production assembly jobshops independently, among which there is a layer of dust-free assembly jobshop. As a verified digital photo frame suppliers, we ensure digital frames to be produced in a clean state, which contributes a lot in the production of mirror digital picture frame products. Read more

Battery Powered Digital Frame

Our battery powered digital frame, D80-KL.

Our battery powered digital frame, D80-KL, available in 7, 8 and 10.2 inch.

The digital photo frame is a contemporary electronic goods and also the necessary decoration for the families. A battery powered digital frame is the most common kind of digital photo frames and could enable you to relive your memories wirelessly.

Battery powered digital frames inherit both the modern of digital products and the tenderness of traditional photo frames. It has various usages. Nowadays, battery powered digital frame has been a great gift for anyone. It’s a perfect gift for your parents, teachers, friends and so on, you name it! Read more