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What will you send on Chinese Valentine’s Day? – Send digital photo frame ,send romantic, send memories!

The Chinese Valentine’s Day is coming, which gifts will you want to send or receive?

1.Rose? – Worldliness, too general.

2. Chocolate? – Be not fit for the girls who are afraid to gain weight.

3. Cosmetics? – Too general, nothing new.

4. Gold and silver jewelry? – Good, maybe can get girl’s heart, but it’s      expensive.

5. Your creativity? – I hope you can share with everyone.

6. Your romantic? – I hope you can share with everyone.

7. My Idea? – Digital photo frame, full of memory. So warm, so hot.

8. ………………………………

Gravity sensing Digital Photo Frame

Recently, our company launched a series of gravity sensing system with a digital photo frame.

In the normal play, the digital photo frame can’t automatically adjust the picture rotation, however, a digital photo frame with the gravity sensors can change the direction of the image by adjusting automatically.

Through the above description, maybe you can’t really understand the significance of the gravity sensor? So, let’s pass the following picture, makes you more intuitively understand the true meaning of gravity sensing.

Here are some effect pictures of gravity sensing:

Placed horizontally

Placed vertically

Placed horizontally

Placed vertically

Samsung D80-K lithium battery digital photo frame review (2) – Appearance Introduction

The appearance of samsung D80-K lithium digital photo frame is simple and generous, consistent with the public’s aesthetic.

Smooth rounded corners, simple but not veneer

Don’t you think the waist is sexy?

Circular keypad, not only guarantees the touch buttons, are also consistent with the overall sleek design style

The review (1)-Basic Introduction: Here

Samsung D80-K lithium battery digital photo frame review (1) – Basic Introduction

K series is V4’s core electronic products, the series includes three series 7,8,10 inch

Among them, the 8 inch products have the best value for money and the fit display panel.  At the same time, the internal lithium battery life of 8 inch is the most ideal. Here we will give a comprehensive D80-K’s review

D80-K detailed parameters are as follows:

Solution: Samsung
LCD: 8 inch TFT (4:3)
Resolution: 800*600 Pixel
Brightness: 350 cd/m2 (adjustable)
Contrast: 350:1
Picture Support: JPEG
Music Support: MP3/WMA
Picture+Music: Yes
Clock/Calendar: Yes
Hook: No
Earphone: Yes
Charger: AC 100~240V        DC 5V 1.5A
Speakers: 2 Speakers
Card Slot: SD/MMC/MS/CF
Remote Control : Yes
Language: Multi Language(English, French and So on)
Accessories:User Manual,Remote Control, AC Adapter
Color: Black/White

How to choose the digital photo frame with a lithium battery?

Today, the market has a lot of digital photo frame with a lithium battery, how many of them can be mature and safe?

Will you choose safe lithium battery digital photo frame?

Maybe, you think it is simple to choose a safe product, isn’t it?

The answer is “NO!”

Built-in lithium battery is easy, but to make this lithium battery work normally, may not simply.

The potential risks of a lithium battery, if not controlled well, but would cause great harm to the user (such as mobile phone battery explosion)

V4’s lithium battery digital photo frame, has the over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection, also make a circuit cross-flow, constant pressure control, besides these, we add a protective plate on the battery itself, So our lithium battery digital photo frame a total of up to seven layers of security protection, solve the potential risks thoroughly. So you can use it safely.

On the other hand, V4’s digital photo frames with the Samsung software not only to ensure the battery life, but also to show the battery charge, so that you intuitively understand the remaining capacity. This small improvement is not only brought convenience to users, but also demonstrates V4’s responsible attitude.

Just think, the 1500MA lithium battery with $2 or $7, which will you choose?

Safety is more important.

Do you want a digital photo frame with a lithium battery?

Do you have some embarrassing experiences as below?

  1. In the family party, the grandpa and grandma is happy, when you hold the digital photo frame ,talk the fun about your childhood, however, restriction of the power cord, ultimately affect your passion play.
  2. In the old friend party, you invite the friends to watch the shared memories, it is also because the power line constraints, the friends don’t have enough fun.
  3. When you take the digital photo frame, talk the romantic with your lover, and then careless driving of the power cord, at the same time, the screen becomes dark.

Just think, if this is a digital photo frame with a lithium battery, you will have the embarrassment?

The digital photo frame with a lithium battery, not only adds a lithium battery, but also add a warm affection, sincere friendship, and sweet love.

So now, do you want a digital photo frame with a lithium battery?

D80-K ( with a lithium battery ) has the following advantages:

  1. Built-in high-capacity lithium battery, can be work 3-4 hours
  2. Samsung sophisticated software used, powerful and stable
  3. Has a variety of picture viewing modes and effects
  4. With superior video decoding capabilities (to support 480P HD movies)
  5. Calendar, e-book function
  6. High definition, brightness LCD display (800 * 600)