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Feature of WIFI Digital Photo Frame

Compare with other digital photo frame, WIFI digital photo frame can connect to internet.

Most of WIFI digital photo frames are 10 inch digital photo frame, or bigger.Some of them are pre-programmed, only connect the specific service, like picasa, flickr, framechannel etc.

Some advanced WIFI digital photo frames can browse webs, receive emails, just like a iPad. It's due to these WIFI digital photo frame are based on Linux, Windows CE, Google Android, like these WIFI digital photo frames below.

Offer Best Wireless Digital Photo Frame

We could transfer digital snapshots directly from our digital cameras using memory cards, or download them from computers by USB port. Now, we’ve also got best wireless digital photo frames, so that we could operated and updated, remotely, not only digital pictures, but useful digital informations as well. For example, some advanced wireless digital photo frames can browse webs, receive emails, just like a iPad! It’s due to these wireless digital photo frames which are based on Linux, Windows CE, Google Android. Wireless digital photo frames make a great gift for our parents. With a wireless digital photo frame, we could take a picture and send to the wireless digital photo frame so that our parents could see it immediately. Read more

Wireless Digital Picture Frame from China

Our wireless digital picture frame D80-H.

10years ago, we held our heavy photo albums to view the pictures. 5 years ago, we sat before the computer screen to look at those shots.Nowadays, we just need a simple digital picture frame. It could display your favorite pictures in a continuous slideshow at any time you want.

Enjoying your entire collection of the snapshots is so simple and quick. Life could be colorful due to the digital picture frames and life would also be easy because of the evolution of the digital picture frames. Digital picture frames have been developed rapidly. Read more

Digital Picture Frame with WIFI

V4 Electronic supply digital picture frame with WIFI which made in China.

We supply digital picture frame with WIFI, D80-H.

A digital picture frames is developing at top speed. Now, the digital picture frames have some fascinating functions you have ever expected.Displaying photos, music and video, showing calenders and reading ebooks, all of which have been common functions for the digital picture frames.

With the popularization of digital picture frame with WIFI, many digital picture frame manufacturers have realized its importance and this developing trend. By then, various kinds of digital picture frames with WiFi function have been developed. The addition of WiFi technology significantly accelerates the development of digital picture frames and offers a huge opportunity as well. Read more

Touch screen digital frame from iGala

Here is a new model of touch screen digital frame, from iGala. It’s the collest iteam i’ve seen. It has all the usual thins you’d expect from a digital frame, such as: clock, alarm, mp3, movie and so on.

With the Wifi connection, it can pull photos frame gmail, flicker or you can email them directly to the touch screen digital frame. The news, weather and traffic infomation could be showed in it, too.

The operation is easy that anyone could enjoy the photos in it.

The touch screen digital frame is on sale with the price USD239.99. You can buy it in ebay.

  • LCD: 7 inch with 800*480 pixel
  • Picture support: JPEG
  • Music support: MP3
  • Video support: AVI/MPG/MPEG-1/MPEG-2/MPEG-4
  • Hook: Yes
  • USB: USB2.0
  • Card slot: SD/MMC/MS
  • Color:Silver/Black/White

Motorola LS1000WB WIFI Digital Photo Frame

In my mind, Motorola is father of the cellphone, and there, it introduce Motorola LS1000WB WIFI digital photo frame, which has 10 inch 1024*768 pixcel LCD.

As a WIFI enabled digital photo frame, it support flick/Picasa service, email, internet radio, RSS feeds. 512MB built-in memory, SD and MMC are both supported for storage. Read more

Vizit Digital Photo Frame Should Be Cheaper

Vizit digital photo was introduced in Jan. 2009 at CES. And in that days, we just knew its functions, it’s main feature is sent photos to Vizit digital photo frame by cell phone, email, computer and other internet photo management sites.

Recently, AT&T lanched Vizit digital photo frame. The price is 280USD with 5.99USD/Mon service charge to keep online. Read more

Gossip of “The Treasure Hunter” and Digital Photo Frame in China

“The Treasure Hunter” is 2nd Jay Chou’s movie with Chinese ancient costume. Today, we won’t talk about the movie, the player. We just talk about the 3G digital photo frame in this movie.

About 2’38’’, Chiling is writing, and a 3G laptop and a digital photo frame is around her. This is advertisement of China Mobile. They are promoting 3G laptop and 3G digital photo frame. Through the movie, the digital photo frame is just stand by and power off. No one which kind of digital photo frame it is.

Read more

Archos Home Tablet Mix PMP with Digital Photo Frame

Archos 8 Home Tablet & Archos 7 Home Tablet (Right)

Archos 8 Home Tablet & Archos 7 Home Tablet (Right)

French Archos is a PMP manufacturer. And now, Archos lanch a new product between PMP and digital photo frame, call “Home Tablet”. Archos thought, Home Tablet can enhance your digital lifestyle, bridges the gap betweent Smartphone and desktop PC.

As a hub of modern home, Home Tablet should use in the bedroom, the backyard or the kitchen. With large and high resolution screen, you can browse the web, read and send the emails, watch photos and movies and listen to music, and much more.

Read more

Kodak Pluse WIFI Digital Frame Present @ CES 2010

We’ve reported Kodak Pluse WIFI Digital Frame a couple weeks ago. Finnaly, we found it at 2010 CES.Let’s review the details of Kodak Pluse digital frame, and skim more photos.

Read more

Transgear TGP-701MG Digital Frame Gets Online via Mobile

Transgear TGP-701MG is a 7 inch digital frame with digital display (800*480 pix). Its main feature is getting online photos, audio and video via mobile.

Once Transgear TGP-701MG connects to mobile by USB, it automatically search new photos, audio and video to download, and play them automatically. 1GB build-in memory save stuff as much as you want.

Transgear TGP-701MG supports JPEG, MP3, WMA and avi. Please pay attention it supports M-JPEG (640*480 @30FPS).

Don’t take Transgear TGP-701MG out of Japan, Japanese’s mobile network is different with other country. Read more


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