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Applied Digital Photo Frame with Internal Memory

digital photo frame with internal memory

Digital photo frame with internal memory is designed to allow people easily store their collection of snapshots. Currently, most digital photo frames have internal memory. These digital photo frames with internal memory provide a quite simple and convenient way for people to directly transfer images into the frames’ internal memory from their computers or digital cameras. The larger internal memory size is, the more you could store. Read more

Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame Recommendation

Touch screen digital picture frame recommendation

A touch screen digital picture frame usually feature a touch operation interface, that lets users control and access to their digital pictures, audio and video files with a simple touch and a clip. This touch screen device has been applied into cellphones, MP3 players and even laptops, such as Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Read more

How to Use Digital Photo Frame

How to Use Digital Photo frame,V4 will tell you

Digital photo frames offer an alternative way to view collections of digital pictures in a stunning way. Digital photo frames are generally replacing traditional photo frames and photo albums, due to their advantages. Then, how to use digital photo frame? Read more

Google Digital Photo Frame Will Come Into the World

 google digital photo frame will come into the world

Android is an open source operating system of Google. It has originally developed for the operating system of mobile phones. Then with its development, Android is applied to the netbooks. Now, manufacturers have drawn them attention to the digital photo frames. They are going to apply Android system to the digital photo frames. Read more

Supply Best Quality Digital Photo Frame

V4 Electronic supplies best quality digital photo frames as we can.

Best quality digital photo frames are all available in V4 Electronic, a professional digital frame supplier in China. With a factory of 5000 sqm, we have 4 layers of production assembly workshops independently and among which, there is a dust-free assembly workshop that is industry-leading and equipped with a separate screen printing production line.

This workshop could ensure digital products to be produced in a clean state that contributes a lot in the production of digital photo frame mirror. Besides the advanced equipments, we have about 200 skilled technicians that are all working hard to produce a variety of digital photo frames with best quality. Read more

Rare 9 Inch Digital Photo Frame


In general, we prefer to classify digital photo frames by their screen sizes. There are currently 1.1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2.4 inch, 3.5 inch, 6.5 inch, 7 inch, 8 inch, 10.2 inch, 10.4 inch, 12 inch, 15 inch, 17 inch and 19 inch digital photo frames on the markets. We often consider digital photo frames smaller than 3.5 inch as small digital photo frames, 7 inch and 8 inch frames as medium digital photo frames, and ones larger than 10-inch as large digital photo frames. Here, we have noticed that we do not mention 9 inch digital photo frame. They belong to medium digital photo frames, whereas they are actually not as popular as other medium frames, such as 7 inch and 8 inch digital photo frame. Read more

Supply Digital Photo Frame Cheapest Price

Digital photo frame cheapest price would be in China.

Price is always an important factor when people choose to buy a digital photo frames. When the digital photo frames are of relatively same quality, people tend to buy the digital photo frame with cheapest price. In general, digital photo frames with smaller screens are cheaper and the digital photo frame cheapest price. This is always the truth. So, digital photo frames with cheapest price are not best choice. We should look for digital photo frames with best cost performance. Read more

China 10.4 Digital Picture Frame

Resolution of 10.4 digital picture frame is 640*480 pixel.

10-inch digital picture frame include 10.2 and 10.4 digital picture frame.The resolution of 10.4 frames is 640*480 pixel, which is far too coarser when compared with that of 10.2-inch frames (800*480 pixel). 10.4-inch screens tend to be used instead of new ones. As a result, the quality and supply of 10.4 digital picture frames could not be guaranteed. Due to those reasons, we have not noticed many 10.4-inch frames on digital markets and 10.4 digital picture frames are usually not recommended. We talk about 10.4 digital picture frames, actually we refer to 10.2 inch digital picture frames. Read more

Wholesale China Digital Photo Frame Directly From Factory

With the popularity of digital cameras, taking photos has become an enjoyment or even a custom of people. We can take photos anywhere at any time to record our wonderful life. But as the amount of photos increases quickly, it becomes impossible to print all the photos out, and traditional albums can not be competent for the storage of photos. Luckily, digital photo frame emerges as the times require. We can display our photos in a more cost-saving way and enjoy the sharing more conveniently.

China digital photo frame usually has high ratio of performance and price, which makes China digital photo frames popular all over the world. Read more

Digital Photo Frame with MP3 Player

Most of digital photo frame with MP3 player can play MP3 files.

We have got cellphones that could play music. Now digital photo frame with MP3 player could play music and video through built in speakers, in addition to the image display function. Audio files have various kinds of formats, for example, MP3, WMA, WAV and OGG (OGG Vorbis). All of the digital photo frames that have function of displaying music generally have MP3 player. Read more


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