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  • Alimi Femi Lanre: Hello, please is it possible to get a picture Frame of 3ft by 4ft..thanks
  • Nayem: Dear sir Good after noon ,I came to learn anot your product. I am Nayem From Bangladesh. Please let me allow...
  • Reiner Loos: good morning, for our new Art – project i need a lot of digital Foto-frames. The display had to be...
  • Sabeen: Hello, I’m looking to purchase a digital photo frame with an extended battery life, like you guys...
  • Ishola Sunday Ayobami: I want a reasonable quotation for battery operated digital photoframe for 7,8,10.2 inch of 500...

Why not consider the digital photo frame purchase?

Do you have the digital photo frame purchase plan, recently? Yes, Ok, follow me.

Five rules assist us to finish the digital photo frame puerchase with a pleasure price.

Rule 1: Consier the user

Focusing on viewing photos and little else, it’s probably best to keep extra features to a minimum, you’ll also save money by this way.

Rule 2: Don’t but based on brand name alone

Make sure to check performance by reading reviews before the digital photo frame puerchase. Because the speed of the decode could be slow, even if it’s from a big company.

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Is Samsung 800P an 8-inch Digital Photo Frame?

Samsung 800P is not 8 inch digital photo frame

ast year, Samsung launched P series digital photo frame. We missed its news for a long time. Right now, we found it. However, there is a mistake in their report.

In the description, we found “800*480 pixcel, 7 inch LCD”. It would make a mistake. As we know, LCD with 800*480 pixcel is 7 inch LCD. That means Samsung 800P is a 7 inch digital photo frame, not 8 inch. Read more

Motorola LS1000WB WIFI Digital Photo Frame

In my mind, Motorola is father of the cellphone, and there, it introduce Motorola LS1000WB WIFI digital photo frame, which has 10 inch 1024*768 pixcel LCD.

As a WIFI enabled digital photo frame, it support flick/Picasa service, email, internet radio, RSS feeds. 512MB built-in memory, SD and MMC are both supported for storage. Read more

Polaroid 10.2″ Digital Photo Frame With Removable Front Panel

After look through this Polaroid 10.2″ digital photo frame, we (digital photo frame manufacturer) remember 2 things: Removable front panel & reasonable price. According above picture from, it looks cool. No matter black shell or silver panel.

You can find it with USD59.99. As a 10.2 inch digital photo frame, it’s very cheap. It’s also competitive if USD59.99 in China, although most of digital photo frames are made in China. Read more

Archos Home Tablet Mix PMP with Digital Photo Frame

Archos 8 Home Tablet & Archos 7 Home Tablet (Right)

Archos 8 Home Tablet & Archos 7 Home Tablet (Right)

French Archos is a PMP manufacturer. And now, Archos lanch a new product between PMP and digital photo frame, call “Home Tablet”. Archos thought, Home Tablet can enhance your digital lifestyle, bridges the gap betweent Smartphone and desktop PC.

As a hub of modern home, Home Tablet should use in the bedroom, the backyard or the kitchen. With large and high resolution screen, you can browse the web, read and send the emails, watch photos and movies and listen to music, and much more.

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IPEVO Kaleido R7 Digital Photo Frame Review

We’ve reported IPEVO Kaleido R7 in Chinese last year. Today, we share a video reviews of IPEVO Kaleido R7. Here is the video.

After watched the video review, I feel the machine is better than its pictures. Here are details of IPEVO Kaleido R7.

7 inch digital display, 800*480 pixcel.
The display can be rotated.
512MB internal memory
Windows & MAC OS ready
Touch Button

Transcend Introduces PF830 with New UI Orientating

Recently, Transcend introduced his new 8 inch digital frame – Transcend PF830. Transcend PF830 is 800*600 pixel. It has 2GB internal build-in memory, can holding about 9000 PCS photos. It also supports SD, SDHC, MMC, CF, microSD, M2, MS, MS PRO, MS Duo, MS PRO Duo, MS PRO-HG Duo.

Generally speaking, almost of 8 inch digital frames can play audio and video, Transcend PF830 does.

Other main features of Transcend PF 830 as below: Read more

Casio Digital Art Frame: Redraw Your Photos into Paintings

CES 2010 (2010-1-7 to 2010-1-11), Casio presents an art digital frame, call Digital Art Frame. Its main feature is transforms your photo inot paintings. Excactlly speaking, it redraws digital images with special effects.

Casio Digital Art Frame also suppots playing auido and video. Read more

Kodak Pluse WIFI Digital Frame Present @ CES 2010

We’ve reported Kodak Pluse WIFI Digital Frame a couple weeks ago. Finnaly, we found it at 2010 CES.Let’s review the details of Kodak Pluse digital frame, and skim more photos.

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Kodak Pulse Digital Frame Leaks

Kodak Pulse digital frame leaks! Kodak Pulse digital frame has not yet officially introduced. Here are some information we found.

The new Kodak Pulse digital frame is 8 inch touch screen digital frame, with 800*600 pix resolution. 512MB internal memory. It supports SD, SDHC, MMC, xD and MS memory card.

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