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Battery Digital Frames

Battery digital frames are not common in digital frames. We launched our battery digital frames, D70-KL, D80-KL and D102-KL after more than 1 years developping.

Safety is the most important thing for battery digital frame. All of our battery digital frames have 4 methods for avoiding battery exploresion. They are constant voltage, constant current, overcharge and short circuit.

Battery Digital Frames We Offered

7 inch high resolution digital frame D70-K. High resolution digital picture frame D102-K.
7 inch Battery Digital Photo Frame 8 Battery Operated Digital Frame 10.2 Battery Digital Picture Frame

How Do I Upload Photos to Digital Frames?

Gernerally, there are 2 kinds of digital frames, internal memory and non-internal memory.

For Digital Frame with Internal memory

For digital frames with internal memory, you don’t need to purchase any accessories to upload photos. Just need a mini USB wire, connect it with yoru PC, and copy photos as a flash drive.

For Digital Frame without Internal Memory

There are 2 options for you.

  • Purchase SD card and card reader to match your digital frame.
  • Purchase a flash drive.

If you import China digital frames from V4 Electronic, we also supply SD card and card reader for you.

Useful Lithium Battery Digital Photo Frame

lithium battery digital photo frame is so useful

Portable digital photo frames are generally battery operated frames. Battery operated digital photo frames enable us to enjoy photographs and have other operations anywhere we are, even in the environment that mains power is unavailable or unaccessible. It helps us get away from mains power. Read more

Digital Photo Frame Rechargeable from China

Digital Photo Frame rechargeable from China

Digital photo frame rechargeable often refers to the digital photo frames that have rechargeable battery option. At present, we tend to employ lithium ion and lithium polymer rechargeable batteries as our rechargeable batteries, because lithium is a metal that is highly reactive and capable of storing abundant energy.

Usually, a lithium ion rechargeable batteries could allow operations that lasts for a couple of hours on one single charge, and a charge will take you only one or two hours. You charge it, then you could take it anywhere, even to the places where mains power is unavailable or inaccessible. Read more

Supply The Best Digital Picture Frame

V4 Electronic supplies the best digital picture frame from China mainland.

Wanna buy the best digital picture frame? V4 Electronic provides you various kinds of the best digital picture frames. As a verified digital frame manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in China, we have produced a large amount of high quality digital picture frames that are sold on both the foreign and domestic markets.

We began to develop digital picture frames in 2006 and we have more than 3 years digital photo frame ODM experience by now. Our company was established with strict requirements from a famous brand and specialise in displayer products. Read more

8 Inch Digital Photo frame with Calendar

All of our 8 inch digital photo frame with calendar.

Digital photo frames are a fabulous digital product for people to view their collection of favorite snapshots in a stunning slideshow style. At present, combine a digital photo frame with calendar and an alarm clock and it makes a great accessory for our bedroom, kitchen, living room and even our office room, no matter putting on the desktop or hanging on the wall. The calendar function is quite practical that people could get to know the date while they are viewing snapshots. Isn’t it wonderful to have date, time and your pictures together on a vibrant crystal clear LCD screen that has high resolution? In general, the calendar function comes together with the function of alarm clock. Digital photo frames with calendar enable you to set your favorite pictures as the background of the calendars.

All of our products, including 7 inch digital photo frame and 8 inch digital photo frame, have calendar. Some of them support Chinese calendar. Read more