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Digital Picture Frame with the Longest Battery Life

The battery life of a digital picture frame is depend on both the battery volume and the display screen. In general, lithium battery has longer battery life than AA and AAA battery. Battery operated digital picture frames available on, such as D70-KL, D80-KL and D102-KL, adopt lithium batteries.

The battery lives for them are 3.5-4 hours, 2.5-3 hours and 2-2.5 hours, respectively. As we noticed. The larger screen size is, the more energy it consumes. Generally speaking, up to 4 hours of battery life is relatively quite long for a battery operated digital picture frame. However, you can even extend the battery life up to 8 hours by using a custom-made outside battery, as did in a sample for a customer.

The outside battery is connected with the frame via the USB port, which has the capacity of 6000mA. As D70-KL costs 710-830mA an hour and D80-KL costs 1000-830mA an hour, with this 6000mA outside battery, they can last 7.5 hours and 8 hours, respectively. Theoretically, if the custom-made battery has the volume of 10000mA and even larger, then the digital picture frame can last much more than 8 hours.

For more information on the digital picture frames with the longest battery life, please contact

Chumby 8 Digital Frame


Chumby 8 digital frame in red or black.

Chumby 8 digital frame in red or black.

A Chumby 8 digital frame is a chumby on steroids, which is fastest, biggest and best ever. With this digital frame, you could obtain your favourite website information including weather, podcasts, news, music, celebrity gossip, more and more. You could have these staffs in a friendly, always-on and fresh format, and just enjoy them.

Apart from all the excellent chumby content and features that are already available, a Chumby 8 digital frame also offers various of amazing new features which are listed as follows:
Read more

Introduction:lithium digital photo frame

 lithium digital photo frame

Nowadays, battery operated digital photo frames are enjoying a great popularity, due to their portable and cordless features. Usually, a battery operated digital photo frame could enable people to view their images and have other operations no matter where they are, even in a place where mains power is unavailable or inaccessible. In the past, digital photo frame manufacturers usually use AAA batteries for disposable batteries and nickel, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) as rechargeable batteries. Read more

Looking for a digital photo frame

what to look for in a digital photo frame

Digital photo frames, as a product of digital frame manufacturer, could display images in a stunning way. Then,let’s looking  for  a digital photo frame? Read more

digital photo frame rechargeable battery around us


digital photo frame rechargeable batteryDigital photo frame rechargeable batteries enable people to plug their digital photo frames into mains power to charge their batteries, digital photo frame made in China, people could view pictures or have other operations anywhere they want, even go to the place without mains power. For one single charge, the digital photo frames could last for several hours of operations. However the digital picture frame  factory , the time length that a digital photo frame could operate on  battery power differs. It relys on the different frames and rechargeable battery types. Digital photo frame rechargeable batteries are various. Several years ago, rechargeable batteries like nickel, NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) were very popular. Nowadays, with more advanced technologies, we prefer rechargeable batteries of lithium ion and lithium polymer, a highly reactive metal and capable of storing much larger amounts of energy. Read more

So environmental lithium battery digital picture frame

So environmental lithium battery digital picture frame

A digital picture frame provides us a stunning way to view our collection of snapshots. We love it, especially a portable and cordless digital picture frame. Read more

Digital photo frame with sound

digtal photo frame with sound comes from V4

Digital photo frames with sound could play audio files, such as music and sound files, through built in speakers. For a digital photo frame that has alarm clock function, we could choose our favorite wake up call, for example, our favorite song, the nature sounds or even your personalized audio. Read more

Touch Screen Digital Picture Frame Recommendation

Touch screen digital picture frame recommendation

A touch screen digital picture frame usually feature a touch operation interface, that lets users control and access to their digital pictures, audio and video files with a simple touch and a clip. This touch screen device has been applied into cellphones, MP3 players and even laptops, such as Apple iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Read more

which digital photo frame should i buy

Which digital photo frame should I buy? It depends on your requirement.
Which digital photo frame should I buy? This is common question when people are purchasing a digital photo frame. As verified digital photo frame manufacturers, supplier and wholesaler, V4 Electronic has some suggestions on digital photo frame purchasing.

Factor 1: Screen size. We should firstly consider the screen size of digital photo frames. Digital photo frames have various screen sizes ranging from small sizes (eg, 1.5 inch) to large sizes (eg, 22 inch). Generally, medium digital photo frames like 7 inch and 8 inch digital photo frame are the nice choice, since they don’t occupy too much space of tables and could display images clear enough for us to enjoy within a certain distance. Read more

Offer Wooden Digital Photo Frame from Shenzhen China

7 inch wooden digital photo frame with glass cover and golden printing.

In a literal way, a digital photo frame that is made of wood in its edgings is called wooden digital photo frame. In addition to the wooden digital photo frames, digital photo frames could also be made in plastic, metals, glass and so on. When compared with other kinds, wooden digital photo frames have much the same appearance with traditional digital photo frames, especially when people just use them to show only one pictures and not change to other pictures. Read more


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