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Big Digital Photo Frame vs TV

As technology is developing, digital photo frame is more and more advanced. Some people prefer to use big frames (usually are referred to frames larger than 12 inch and including 12 inch) as ‘advertising machines’, sometimes, as computer displayers. Then, can big digital photo frame be used as televisions? Or can televisions replace the big digital photo frames? Well, television and digital photo frames are two different kind of digital products.

Basically speaking, at present, some TVs do have the functions of digital photo frames. TVs from Samsung, SONY, PHILIPS and other companies have already been equipped with USB ports. While, people need to plug a flash driver into the port to play photos, music or videos inside. Digital photo frames that have internal memories can store files directly in their built-in memories and play. TVs, on the other hand, have various kinds of interfaces, which you will not find in the digital photo frames currently, including HDMI, DVI, VAG, S-video and so on.

Plus, electronic picture frame that has AV-IN function are very few. This function enables people to transfer videos into the frames and play via two s-video ports. However, there is less demand for digital photo frames with AV-IN function.

Sunpak 15-inch Digital Frame with Remote Control

The Sunpak 15 lcd digital photo frame has a high resolution TFT-LCD panel with vivid colors, sharpness and contrast, which is able to present your snapshots with the best clarity. This Sunpak 15-inch digital frame is made of real wood and will be the nice option for both home and office decor. Speaking of setup, the multi-function remote control features the frame, which makes it quite simple to customize everything from slideshow timing and sequencing to presentation. You just need to transfer your favorite snapshots from your camera or computer to a SD, xD, MMC, MS, SM or CF type of memory card, then enjoy the memories.

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Skilled Digital Picture Frame Manufacturing in China

digital picture frame manufacturing

Digital photo frame made in China provide an alternative way to display collections of photographs in a more stunning style. China is the largest digital photo frame factory of the world that involves a great amount of digital picture frame manufacturers. V4 Electronic is a leading digital picture frame manufacturing company in China with a factory in Shenzhen. The 4 layer factory building is about 5000m2. Read more

Looking for a digital photo frame

what to look for in a digital photo frame

Digital photo frames, as a product of digital frame manufacturer, could display images in a stunning way. Then,let’s looking  for  a digital photo frame? Read more

Offer Wooden Digital Photo Frame from Shenzhen China

7 inch wooden digital photo frame with glass cover and golden printing.

In a literal way, a digital photo frame that is made of wood in its edgings is called wooden digital photo frame. In addition to the wooden digital photo frames, digital photo frames could also be made in plastic, metals, glass and so on. When compared with other kinds, wooden digital photo frames have much the same appearance with traditional digital photo frames, especially when people just use them to show only one pictures and not change to other pictures. Read more

What Is The Best Digital Photo Frame

What is the best digital photo frame? The answer is here.


What is the best digital photo frame? Is the digital photo frame that is the most expensive the best? Or is the digital photo frame that has the largest screen the best? Well, absolutely not. Generally, the larger digital photo frames are more expensive and the digital photo frames with digit panels and multiple functions charge more than the ones with analog panels and single function. People usually consider large digital photo frames as advertisement displayers and use medium digital photo frames for family decoration and small digital photo frames to carry with like keychains. So, it is not the price and screen sizes that make the best digital photo frame.

I think, the best digital photo frame must be with the best cost performance, that is, the ratio of quality and price should be the highest. The cheapest digital photo frames are usually made in China, since China has a large amount of manufacturers that produces a great quantity of digital photo frames and the materials in China are much cheaper than any other country in the world. Read more

Export 15 Digital Picture Frame

15 digital piciture frame is a large size.

Have you ever seen an extra large digital picture frame? It has a really large screen that could compete with a traditional television or a computer. Can you imagine such fabulous digital picture frames? Well, 15 digital picture frame will give you precisely this visual shock.
With the rapid development, 15 digital picture frames could have excitingly high resolutions as other digital picture frames with smaller screens.

With a 15 inch vibrant screen, you could enjoy the snapshots from across the room without squinting! People usually do not buy a 15 inch digital picture frame for private use, mainly due to the high prices. In general, a digital picture frame with larger screens is much more expensive. In fact, 15 digital picture frames are often used as advertisement displayers. Such advertisement diaplayers are quite eye catching. Sometimes, you could find a 15 inch digital photo frame in the elevator, along the streets or in the front of a shop. Read more

Export Large Digital Photo Frame

According to various screen sizes, digital photo frames could be grouped into three major categories, namely, small digital photo frames which include 3.5-inch and even smaller frames, medium digital photo frames that mostly refer to 7-inch and 8-inch frames and large digital photo frames including 10-inch and larger frames.

Generally, large digital photo frames are more expensive than other small and medium digital photo frames, due to the large LCD screens. Nowadays, as the technology develops, large digital photo frames could have high resolution screens. 10.2-inch digital photo frames have screens of 800*480 pixel resolution, while 10.4 inch digital photo frames have much coarser screens of 640*480 pixel resolution. The screen resolutions of 11.3-inch, 12.1-inch and 15-inch frames can be up to 800*480 pixel, 800*600 pixel and 1024*768 pixel, respectively. 17-inch, 19-inch, 20-inch and 22-inch digital photo frames are also could have high resolutions. Such large digital photo frames are often used as advertisement displayers for business, because of the vibrant large eye-catching LCD screens. Read more

Gray Digital Photo Frame from China Factory

A70-D is a 7 inch gray digital photo frame with gray metal pannel.

Digital photo frames provide an alternative way for people to view their collections of favorite snapshots in a quite stunning style. Apart from all the practical and gorgeous functions that a digital photo frame has, the frame itself is a stylish decoration for any living room, kitchen, bedroom and office room. In general, digital photo frames are all beautifully designed and come with several colors. Like other digital products like MP4, black and white are the two most popular colors that nearly all of the digital photo frames have these two colors. However, other colors like gray digital photo frame is not that popular.

Plastic shell of gray digital photo frame can not be made by injection. Black (or other colors) plastic frame is sprayed by silver oil. The spray line is necessary for digital photo frame factory. In this condition, all of our digital photo frames can be gray. Read more

Function of USB Digital Photo Frame

USB digital photo frame on A70-D

USB digital picture frame allows you to transfer your images, audio and video files directly from your computer or your digital camera via USB. Just simply connect and you could enjoy your memories on the screen immediately.

USB interfaces have two different kinds, that is USB interface and Mini USB. We generally use a USB interface to read datas in the U disk and other external devices like USB Flash Drive and USB CD-ROM drive. A USB interface could also be connected with a USB hard drive enclosure. A Mini USB is usually used to connect with computers to read and write the digital picture frames’ built-in memories. The USB interfaces make it easy for people to download and transfer datas between digital picture frames, PC and digital cameras. Read more