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12″ Portable Photo Frame with Battery

A digital photo frame that has built-in battery is portable so that people could carry it around. However, the maximum battery powered digital photo frame available on, an online store in China that offers high quality digital photo frames since 2006, are 10 inch frames. 12 inch frames, D121-A and D121-V, do not have internal batteries currently.

One of the reasons is that the battery life of 12 inch digital frames will be quite short, since the large screen is very power consuming.

D121-A and D121-V both have 12.1 inch high resolution LCD screen at 800*600 pixel. Both of them can be mounted on the wall, with hooks on the back. D121-A can stand both horizontally and vertically. The touch keys are optional. Also, the two frames have remote control function so that people can operate on the frames at a certain distance, which would bring a lot convenience. D121-V has gloss white front face, which shows more elegance when compared with other acrylic digital photo frame.

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Aluratek 12 Inch Digital Photo Frame

Aluratek 12 inch digital photo frame in black.

Aluratek 12 inch digital photo frame in black.

The Aluratek 12 inch digital photo frames features a simple design, which usually won’t distract people’s mind from the pictures themselves. This sleek black frame, together with 800*600 resolution of LCD screen, could show the snapshots of your friends and family to the best. Simply load your pictures to the 512MB built-in flash memory or to SD/SDHC memory cards, then just start enjoying the pictures on the screen.

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Skilled Digital Picture Frame Manufacturing in China

digital picture frame manufacturing

Digital photo frame made in China provide an alternative way to display collections of photographs in a more stunning style. China is the largest digital photo frame factory of the world that involves a great amount of digital picture frame manufacturers. V4 Electronic is a leading digital picture frame manufacturing company in China with a factory in Shenzhen. The 4 layer factory building is about 5000m2. Read more

What Is A Digital Photo Frame

With the rapid development of digital products, the occurrence of digital photo frames has made up for the inconvenience of traditional photo frames. Then, what is a digital photo frame?

A digital photo frame is the kind of photo frames, while instead of traditional photo view, it present pictures through a more contemporary LCD screen. By reading the datas from U disk, SD card, Nandflash and so on, a digital photo frame could display digital photos in a slideshow way. The digital photos are more crystal clear on the high resolution screen than those printed pictures on a traditional photo frames. Moreover, with a digital photo frames, people do not have to have their snapshots printed. As a result, a digital photo frame provide people a convenient and vibrant way to enjoy their memories.

We could classify digital photo frames into two groups based on the definition of their screens. An analog panel is of the similar resolution with traditional televisions and a digit panel is of the similar resolution with LCD screens of computers. According to the functions that digital photo frames have, they could be grouped into single function digital photo frames and multi-function digital photo frames and advanced digital photo frames. Also, they could be classified based on the screen sizes.

Wanna know more about China digital photo frames and our digital picture frame ODM service? please contact V4 Electronic.

What Is The Best Digital Photo Frame

What is the best digital photo frame? The answer is here.


What is the best digital photo frame? Is the digital photo frame that is the most expensive the best? Or is the digital photo frame that has the largest screen the best? Well, absolutely not. Generally, the larger digital photo frames are more expensive and the digital photo frames with digit panels and multiple functions charge more than the ones with analog panels and single function. People usually consider large digital photo frames as advertisement displayers and use medium digital photo frames for family decoration and small digital photo frames to carry with like keychains. So, it is not the price and screen sizes that make the best digital photo frame.

I think, the best digital photo frame must be with the best cost performance, that is, the ratio of quality and price should be the highest. The cheapest digital photo frames are usually made in China, since China has a large amount of manufacturers that produces a great quantity of digital photo frames and the materials in China are much cheaper than any other country in the world. Read more

12 Digital Photo Frame from China

12 digital photo frame from China.

Large digital photo frames often include 12 and 15 frames. 17 and 19 digital photo frames belong to extra large digital photo frames. The largest digital photo frames currently are in 22-inch. All of these digital photo frames could be simply grouped into large digital photo. Usually, large digital photo frames are used for business, so they could be also called ‘ advertisement displayers ‘. Here, 12 digital photo frames are sometimes placed in the dining rooms for family use, especially in western families. They are quite eye-catching due to the large crystal clear LCD screen. Read more

12 Digital Picture Frame from China

Our 12 digital picture frame D121-A.

People usually prefer buying medium digital picture frames like 7 and 8 inches for their family use. However, a large digital picture frame could give you a subtle different visual impact, due to the large vibrant screens. Now, let’s get to know something about 12 digital picture frame.

In general,the screen resolution of 12 digital picture frames is 800*600 pixel. People tend to place them in their dining rooms. Most of 12 digital photo frames have multiple functions, such as displaying music and videos. The audio formats could be mp3 and wma and the video formats are AVI, VOB, DAT, MPG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. Memory cards could be SD,MMC,MS and CF. Read more

Digital photo frame wooden style

Today, here is a digital photo frame wooden style introduced. It’s like as our ordinary photos frame.

In US, the wooden style for digital photo frame is favorite, more larger and more favorite. The one will be introduced to you, with the 12 inch LCD, 1024*768 pixels, and the details as below:

  • LCD: 12` inch TFT (4:3)
  • Resolution: 1024*768
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2
  • Contrast: 500:1
  • Picture Support: JPEG
  • Music Support:  MP3/WMA
  • Video Support:  AVI/MPG/VOB/MP4
  • Picture+Music:  Yes
  • Clock/Calendar: Yes
  • Hook: No
  • AV-OUT: No
  • Charger: AC 100~240V        DC 5V 1A
  • Speakers:  2 speakers
  • Card Slot:  SD/MMC/MS/CF
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • Remote Control : Yes

The retails price is 399.00USD, for your reference.

Black 12 inch Digital Photo Frame with 512MB Built-in Memory

After several days searching, we (digital photo frame manufacturer in China) found a new 12 inch digital photo frame. It’s a black, and with 512 MB built-in meory. As most large digital photo frame, it can play picturer, music and video, and with remote control.

We introduce this black 12 inch digital photo frame, totally because it’s appearance. It’s very nice. Maybe, it’s not beacause of beautiful appearance, just the people in the photo : ) Read more