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Offer Wooden Digital Photo Frame from Shenzhen China

7 inch wooden digital photo frame with glass cover and golden printing.

In a literal way, a digital photo frame that is made of wood in its edgings is called wooden digital photo frame. In addition to the wooden digital photo frames, digital photo frames could also be made in plastic, metals, glass and so on. When compared with other kinds, wooden digital photo frames have much the same appearance with traditional digital photo frames, especially when people just use them to show only one pictures and not change to other pictures. Read more

Offer 10.4 inch Digital Photo Frames


Often, we talk about ’10-inch ‘ digital photo frames, we only mean ’10.2-inch ‘ frames. 10.4 inch digital photo frames are quite rare both at home and abroad.

Reasons are as follows: first of all, resolution of 10.4-inch digital photo frames is only 640*480 pixel and is much coarser when compared with that of 10.2-inch frames (800*480 pixel). Furthermore, 10.4-inch digital photo frames tend to employ used screens, instead of brand new ones. As a result, the quality and supply of 10.4-inch digital frames usually could not be guaranteed. Therefore, there are not many 10.4-inch digital photo frames, and as a professional digital photo frame manufacturer, we, V4 Electronic tend to commend 10.2 inch digital picture frame, other than 10.4-inch ones. Read more

China 10.4 Digital Picture Frame

Resolution of 10.4 digital picture frame is 640*480 pixel.

10-inch digital picture frame include 10.2 and 10.4 digital picture frame.The resolution of 10.4 frames is 640*480 pixel, which is far too coarser when compared with that of 10.2-inch frames (800*480 pixel). 10.4-inch screens tend to be used instead of new ones. As a result, the quality and supply of 10.4 digital picture frames could not be guaranteed. Due to those reasons, we have not noticed many 10.4-inch frames on digital markets and 10.4 digital picture frames are usually not recommended. We talk about 10.4 digital picture frames, actually we refer to 10.2 inch digital picture frames. Read more

Veryfied Digital Picture Frame Supplier from China

Our digital picture frame with 2.1 speakers.

Our digital picture frame with 2.1 speakers.

Digital picture frame suppliers are the enterprises and its branches, individual businesses who provide digital picture frames and relative services directly to retailers.

A digital picture frame manufacturer could be a digital picture frame supplier as well. Shenzhen V4 Electronic Company of Limited Liablily(V4 Electronic Co., Ltd.) is one of the digital picture frame manufacturers and suppliers as well. The company develops various kinds of digital picture frames and provides them directly to the retailers. V4 Electronic Company started with developing 8 inch and 7 inch digital picture frames. It was in 2008 that the company was founded. Read more

10 inch digital photo frames for Christmas

With Christmas approaching fast, there is a few new 10 inch digital photo frames as the gifts to your friends,family. With your love and smile, it could be  warm.

10 inch widescreen LCD display for enjoy the photos in 1024*600 resolution. The 10 inch digital photo frames includes a mini USB port, AC adapter, User Manual, remote controllor, and 3 in memory card slot.

With the 12MM thickness, the model of D102-S is the most slim in 10 inch digital photo frames. The color of the iteam could be black or white, besides, the other color could be consider for mass products. Said to be priced at 199.99 USD in the US, it’s showed onthe desk in many store, for sharing the photos, enjoying the videos, playing the musics.

Why not consider the digital photo frame purchase?

Do you have the digital photo frame purchase plan, recently? Yes, Ok, follow me.

Five rules assist us to finish the digital photo frame puerchase with a pleasure price.

Rule 1: Consier the user

Focusing on viewing photos and little else, it’s probably best to keep extra features to a minimum, you’ll also save money by this way.

Rule 2: Don’t but based on brand name alone

Make sure to check performance by reading reviews before the digital photo frame puerchase. Because the speed of the decode could be slow, even if it’s from a big company.

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