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2009 Sales of Digital Frame increase 10%~20%

VFOR Digital Frame - D70-J

According to business analysts futuresource Consulting, in 2008, 8 million digital frames were sold in UK. It means at least one digital frame in 10% of all UK homes.

Sales of a large number of low cost 7 inch digital frames helped to grow sales volumes by 60% in comparison with 2007 figures.

Customers were influenced by gifting and first time impulse buyers attracted by ever reducing prices. To increase sales, the price of the most widely chosen cheap 7 digital photo frame fell by around 20%, between Christmas 2007 and Christmas 2008.The gifting market is very influential and high sales spikes in the period prior to major holidays are common.

Generic frame and lesser known brands sold well, the major players – Philips, Kodak, Sony, Samsung, shared 54% market in 2008.

Sales are forecast to continue to increase by between 10 and 20 percent in 2009. Market watchers said, we will see more and more “convergence products” – items such as TVs, iPods, notebooks etc. which also incorporate picture frame functionality – and that these may gradually lower the sales of dedicated digital frames.

That seems like a reasonable prediction given the number of products which incorporate digital frames today. Keychains with small one and a half inch screen photo frames are probably quite a predictable development – but you can also find products such as travel mugs, desk tidies and even sunglasses which include photo frames on sale today.

In fact, as digital frames with greater and greater functionality are made available, it could become difficult to tell whether a device is a frame which can also be used to browse the net or another type of device which can also be used to display photographs. There are already frames which can read news feeds from the internet and receive wireless transmission of photographs from internet photo sharing websites. Likewise, large flat screen TVs which, instead of just showing a blank screen in standby mode, can be used to display family photos, are now on the market.

Digital photo frames have definitely entered the mainstream consumer market place – they are no longer regarded as a high tech gadget or gizmo. Sales growth in 2009 and beyond will be driven by their appeal in the gifting market and future technology merging will continue to support further sales growth in the medium term.



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  1. Seatal on August 31st, 2011 8:37 am

    I don’t think this kind of research is right. As I see, digital frames are part of my life. I don’t care its markets.


  2. bobby deol on March 20th, 2012 5:20 am



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