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China 10.4 Digital Picture Frame

Resolution of 10.4 digital picture frame is 640*480 pixel.

10-inch digital picture frame include 10.2 and 10.4 digital picture frame.The resolution of 10.4 frames is 640*480 pixel, which is far too coarser when compared with that of 10.2-inch frames (800*480 pixel). 10.4-inch screens tend to be used instead of new ones. As a result, the quality and supply of 10.4 digital picture frames could not be guaranteed. Due to those reasons, we have not noticed many 10.4-inch frames on digital markets and 10.4 digital picture frames are usually not recommended. We talk about 10.4 digital picture frames, actually we refer to 10.2 inch digital picture frames.

Majority of 10-inch or even larger digital picture frames have multiple functions, due to the high cost. To produce high-value-added digital products, those large digital picture frames are generally designed to display not only photos, but music and videos as well. 10-inch digital picture frames that could only show photos are not popular.

Shenzhen V4 Electronic is a verified digital picture frame manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler. Although we provide only 10.2-inch digital frames for now, we could also produce 10.4-inch digital picture frames for you. Welcome to contact us for more informations!



2 Responses to “China 10.4 Digital Picture Frame”

  1. Jack on August 26th, 2011 4:13 am

    What’s the difference between 10.4 and 10.2 digital frame? I have a 10.4 inch.


    Hansen Reply:

    Hi Jack,
    Thanks for your comments. Here’re difference between 10.2 and 10.4 inch digital frame.
    10.2 inch digital frame: 1024*600 pixel, 16:9 ratio.
    10.4 inch digital frame: 800*600 pixel, 4:3 ratio.

    Please let me know if any question.


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