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Question: Can I Terminate My Parental Rights In Wisconsin?

There can be many legal effects of a divorce proceeding, whether pending or already concluded, between
a married couple. When a marriage is declared dissolved upon the issuance of a decree of absolute
divorce, there are many things that must be taken into consideration by the divorcing spouses.

First of all, their marital assets will be partitioned and distributed among them. Second, there is a
necessity to determine the rights and obligations of the parents with respect to their children.
Under this consequence, the following questions will be asked:

• Who pays for the child support?
• Who retains the child custody over the person of the son or daughter?
• Who should pay for the expenses other than the basic needs of the child?
• What is the rule when it comes termination of parental rights?

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In this article, the focus is with respect to the question of a parent on whether or not he or she
can file for the termination of parental rights in the state of Wisconsin. The general rule
is that a mother or father cannot terminate the parental rights that have been granted to him or
her by virtue of some state laws.

The primary obligation of a parent is to provide for the support
and maintenance of the child. One of the rights is to have custody and to decide for the said child.

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If you file a petition to terminate your parental rights in Wisconsin, the said petition will be
denied motu proprio by the judge.

However, if the parent to whom the custody has been granted is
agreeable to the termination of your parental rights, then you can talk to the said party and ask
for cooperation from him or her.

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What you need to do is to talk to the other parent about your intention of giving up your parental
rights. Before doing so, make sure that you talk to your divorce lawyer first. It is important to
apprise yourself of all the possible consequences and effects once your parental rights terminated.

If you are already absolutely sure of the said matter, the first thing that you need to do is to
file a Petition to Terminate Parental Rights. In this proceeding, the consent of the other parent
is necessary.

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Once consent is obtained, an agreement shall be executed between the mother and father.
As required under the law, the agreement shall be signed and notarized to be valid.